Eco-storytelling sessions/workshops currently offered to school learners.

Each workshop

  • Focuses on an ecological theme such as recycling, drought, plastic pollution in rivers and oceans and its consequences, deforestation, flooding, overpopulation, farming, food security etc.
  • Is customized such that the chosen theme features through a number of scenarios accessible to the learners.

Benefits of the method to the learners:

  • Presents an opportunity for each learner to think, discuss and learn about the ecological challenges facing our world today.
  • Circle learning cultivates a healthy group dynamic;
  • Encourages each participant to listen to and learn from one another;
  • Uses creative teaching methods to create greater learning;
  • Encourages each participate to use their imagination;
  • Ends with either a group presentation/ group performance/piece of writing;
  • Empowers  each individual learner!
  • It’s interactive and FUN!


‘Circle Learning’ is a strategy for learning which honours the collective wisdom of each participant.