Eco-storytelling sessions/workshops currently offered to school learners.

Each workshop

  • Focuses on an ecological theme such as recycling, drought, plastic pollution in rivers and oceans and its consequences, deforestation, flooding, overpopulation, farming, food security etc.
  • Is customized such that the chosen theme features through a number of scenarios accessible to the learners.

Benefits of the method to the learners:

  • Presents an opportunity for each learner to think, discuss and learn about the ecological challenges facing our world today.
  • Circle learning cultivates a healthy group dynamic;
  • Encourages each participant to listen to and learn from one another;
  • Uses creative teaching methods to create greater learning;
  • Encourages each participate to use their imagination;
  • Ends with either a group presentation/ group performance/piece of writing;
  • Empowers  each individual learner!


‘Circle Learning’ is a strategy for learning which honours the collective wisdom of each participant.

Here is an example of one of the workshop’s activities. In a forest setting, Frances met with a group of girls to share the gift of nature.

The second video shows the telling of a well-known African parable and excerpts from the following responses  of the four participants.

Storytelling provides an opportunity to reflect on our life experiences and how to learn from them, in this case, respect and care for the natural world around us.