10th September, 2018

Read and follow ALL the instructions below the image to successfully enter our second competition🙂



What feelings/thoughts/ideas does this photo image elicit for you? You are invited to respond in  the form of a poem, prose, a short-story, or an argumentative essay. 

Further instructions:

  • There are TWO categories for entries: (i) ages 12-14; (ii) ages 15-19

  • Only ONE entry per person will be accepted.

  • Your writing must be no less than 300, nor more than 800 words.

  • Your entry must include a title.

  • Each entry must either me emailed as a Word Document to ecostorybean@gmail.com OR handed into your class teacher.

  • Be sure to provide your NAME, NAME OF SCHOOL, AGE and NAME OF TEACHER.

The deadline for entries is Friday, 26th October, 2018

THE PRIZES will be announced shortly*