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20 October

Welcome back 🙂

Given the positive response to our first writing competition, we keenly announce our second. In fact, the idea is to run writing challenges every 6-8 weeks. Learners have expressed their excitement about the opportunity to express themselves on such related topics. What has been particularly heartening is the feedback from participants regarding the last competition. Individual learners have expressed gratitude at the opportunity to write and enter a competition – thanks goes to the recent birth of the Green Bean Story Project.

It is early days. Aside from the enthusiastic response from learners, opportunities for us to grow are gradually expanding. Clearly, I feel confident enough, on behalf of this Project, to  share this news. Watch this space please. In the meantime, we offer the second story-related writing competition. Go to our Project page to read the vital instructions of how to successfully participate. We are so looking forward to your entries. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!


The Green Bean Project Team.


Here again are some of the winners of our first story-writing challenge. Congratulations to you ladies!

4 thoughts on “

  1. Mrs Tsabedze, St Francis Primary School says:

    The workshop was informative and exciting. I learnt a lot from the facilitator through her storytelling, and I have adopted the style of storytelling in my classroom. Thankyou!

  2. Clifford Ndlovu says:

    The story of deforestation was well articulated provoking the participants to think and take a stand in conserving the environment and that everyone must play a role, from ordinary people to legislature. The songs and interaction with participants was excellent.

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