21 May 2020

It’s been completely quiet here at Earth Lessons given the crisis that is COVID19. We’re fully aware that the majority of local school kids cannot access the internet, and so running online educational story workshops has just not been an option. In time, perhaps during spring, we’ll be able to visit schools again and engage with youth.

Meanwhile, for those who CAN access the world wide web, I’ve just come across a super exciting set of lessons listed out a novel initiative called Earth School.

In response to the crisis of COVID19, “over fifty environmental and education experts have been collaborating to launch The Earth School: 30 adventures for learners of all ages to discover, celebrate, and connect to nature. This global team came together under the guidance and support of TED-Ed and UNEP to design lessons for students of all levels and host Earth School at a time when it matters the most.

These experts have been supported by over 30 organizations including National GeographicWWF, and the BBC who have offered top caliber videos, articles, and interactive resources that will be shared around the world. The initiative launches on Earth Day on April 22 and will conclude on World Environment Day on June 5. Earth School is comprised of daily adventures, or Quests, each organized around the theme: “The Nature of…” While the initiative is hosted online, the Quests are very much designed to encourage young people to connect with nature and their environment.

Covering real world concepts like the t-shirts we wear, the water we drink, the trees in our forests or the food on our plates, each Quest will consist of a discovery video and fun quiz combined with a series of interactive resources – including additional content to watch, read, teach, do, and share, with age-adjusted exercises built into each lesson.”

I’ve only just started viewing some of the videos – and what a wealth of information and creativity is available. ENJOY it!


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