September 2019

Dear friends,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found it imperative for myself to follow the Extinction Rebellion. It has  felt like one of the few ways I can feel somewhat connected to millions of others amidst these disheartening times.

Tackling Climate Change and facing the future of our planet are terrifying things which will require huge behavioural changes and shifts in mindset. Now more than ever, I believe environmental storytelling can address these issues.

Firstly, telling stories is a great way to get people to listen to what you consider important stuff; to get people to FEEL. During our anti-poaching storytelling in a rural area of Mpumalanga, I found it a little heartwrenching myself, to encounter young children reacting to the death of some of the animals in our story – from snares. It was quite something. The story’s message at this  juncture was loud and clear; the rest of the story lifted from then on.

Telling POSITIVE stories goes further than this and can inspire change.  The media dishes out one negative story after another. How much more  hopeless and helpless can one be made to feel?  Let’s create positive stories about living in a sustainable society. WATCH THIS SPACE.



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