Anti-snare collaboration through storytelling.

We’re delighted it’s July. We welcome the month when Earth Lessons’ collaboration with Snare Busters takes off. Snare Busters, the amazing initiative set up by Mpumalanga Leopard Conservation Trust  rescues many ensnared animals. Too many are caught and starve to death. It is horrendous to see. Those that survive are rehabilitated. They get another chance to live.

Next week, Cliford and I will head to the area around Elukwatini and visit some schools there. The story we tell relays a clear message against hunting, and poaching wild animals. More on that next week.

Meanwhile, we are trying to secure some sponsors of food and refreshments for our first Cleanup Campaign to be held in Msunduza next month. The ward councillor will select 50 community members to take part in the cleanup and we will create a core group of five who will be involved in an ongoing cleanup process in the area. We are open to ideas and any sponsors of food, and we have the means to promote your business in a number of ways… .

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