Ecoliteracy writing competition under way!

Autumn has begun in Cape Town, and it is lovely. The first rains started about ten days ago, and we hope for more very very soon. April and May have always been the wettest months here in the Western Cape, and we certainly wish for the heavens to open and save the parched flora and fauna.

Our Autumn writing challenge is underway and entries are expected from around South Africa and  Swaziland. The enthusiasm of many  participating learners so warms my heart. The responses I receive encourage me. After all,  I want to contribute towards rekindling the creativity and imagination of young people today. We know it is not an easy task, and hasn’t been for years already, what with the advent of the digital age, the world wide web and, alas, social media. (I, myself, am determined to wean myself off facebook, in a similar way one is likely to give up a drug or sleeping pill). I feel so grateful to have explored my imagination throughout my youth, prompted by endless reading, writing and playing games. This saved me. Many youth today are not so lucky… . And yes, I do feel they miss out. So, here is an opportunity for you to write about another visual image; to use your imagination(s), to state your case, to be creative… . I am truly looking forward to READING YOUR ENTRIES!

Cheers for now,







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