Welcome back to all story lovers!

I am happy to announce that we are growing steadily. Check out the YouTube video clips  entitled Forest Storytelling under PROJECTS. That was  a spontaneous happening with no pre-written script, nor did the participants have any idea what visiting Newlands Forest would entail. You will hear  the loud rustle of the leaves of the trees surrounding us aside from some birds chirping;it actually sounds as if it is water from a nearby river!

Do read up on our second writing challenge and you may submit up to two pieces of creating writing. We would like your writing to take on a story structure, even if it is a poem or lyrics or essay. What do I mean by this? Well, a basic story structure involves a beginning, a middle and an ending, which pulls the everything together in a sort of conclusion. An ending can even be a final sentence summing up the whole point of the piece of writing.

Do write to us about any nature-related thoughts, issues and so on. We would LOVE to have your input! Send all submissions  to ecostorybean@gmail.com or comment on our site under ‘Comments.’ Until next time. GET WRITING!






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